Don't get surprised by new competitors.

The earlier you know who is coming and where they are going, the more time you will have to protect your profits.

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What we do

Anquiro is the first company to blend proprietary technology and development knowledge for the purpose of providing our subscribers with Accurate, Concise, and Relevant government data regarding development and contracting opportunities, competitors' activity, and changes in local regulations and rules.

Our current clients

World’s best companies use Anquiro services to make more educated decisions.

Mini cases

  • A supermarket real estate director from Southern California who has been in business for 30 years, when asked about using our service, said he didn't need us because he knew every piece of property in Southern California and knew every deal and he would never be surprised by anything we would find. We did a test for him and found five sites for incoming competitors that he had no knowledge of. He was convinced.

  • An East Coast grocer said that the commercial real estate brokers in her area knew everything that was going on and she didn't need us. We informed her about an incoming competitor's million square foot distribution facility near her. She told us "wait a minute and I'll call you back" and she checked around and called back and said she had not been successful at finding anyone who knew about it. "Are you sure?" We told her we had three separate public documents showing that it would be built. We told her the news in April and in August it was announced on the front page of Supermarket News.

  • Our software downloaded all pages from a government website in Texas. It showed an incoming competitor in December. We looked back in January and all references to it had been scrubbed from the city government website but we still had all of the data including the agendas for the planning board that had originally been posted in December.


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